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Jun 2014

HPLC Column

Columns for UHPLC, HPLC, and FPLC

KNAUER offers roughly 11000 columns for HPLC, UHPLC, and FPLC separations as well as preparative scale columns for purifications. Use our interactive column finder and select your specifications  such as brand, modification, pore size or particle size.

HPLC columns: Eurospher I

Eurospher I columns are the HPLC columns for every day: suited for a wide range of analytical, semi-preparative and process scale separations in normal phase and reversed phase mode.   

Advanced HPLC columns: Eurospher II

Eurospher II is introduced as the new workhorse for an even wider range of application areas, suitable for analytical, semi-preparative and process-scale separations. The logical choice to take on routine analyses as well as the most ambitious chromatoraphy tasks

HPLC columns for food analysis: Eurokat

Eurokat columns are valuable for food analysis and especially developed for the separation of organic acids, carbonhydrates, alcohols and even complex mixtures of these compounds.   

HPLC columns for bioanalytics: Eurosil Bioselect

Eurosil Bioselect columns feature a wide-pore stationary phase and were specifically designed to separate large biomolecules such as proteins

UHPLC columns: Bluespher

Bluespher columns make method transfer from HPLC to UHPLC easy. They were developed to feature very similar characteristics and selectivities to the Eurospher I and II families. Take HPLC to the next level with ultra high performance Bluespher columns.


Chiral HPLC columns: Eurocel

Chiral Separations

Eurocel columns were designed to tackle a wide range of chiral separation tasks. They are characterized by an extremely high enantioselectivity and loadability. go to Eurocel columns