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Aug 2014

START D by Milestone

The START D is the easiest microwave system available
on the market from the microwave hardware to the control terminal,
from the reaction sensors to the pressure vessels.

Microwave hardware

The START D is equipped with a single industrial magnetron, allowing rapid heating of high throughput rotors. A microwave diffuser located above the microwave cavity evenly distributes microwaves throughout the cavity, preventing localized hot and cold spots.

Milestone’s warranty covers the cavity coating against corrosion for 5 years!

The START D door is mounted on spring-loaded steel bars and it includes a shock resistant double-glass window, for easy viewing of the pressure vessels.

The door opens downward enabling the chemist to use it as working platform and facilitates the loading of the vessels into the microwave cavity.

Each vessel is loaded individually, so the user does not have to lift a fully loaded carousel into the microwave cavity.


Official methods' compliance

U.S. EPA Methods

EPA Methods 3052
Microwave-Assisted Acid Digestion of Siliceous and Organically Based Matrices

EPA Methods 3051a
Microwave-Assisted Acid Digestion of Sediments, Sludges, Soils, and Oils

EPA Methods 3015a
Microwave-Assisted Acid Leach of Aqueous Samples and Extracts

ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) Methods

ASTM E1645-01
Standard Practice for the Preparation of Dried Paint Samples by Hotplate or Microwave Digestion for Subsequent Lead Analysis

ASTM D5513-99
Standard Practice for Microwave Digestion of Industrial Furnace Feedstreams and Waste for Trace Element Analysis

ASTM D4309-96
Standard Practice for Sample Digestion Using Closed-Vessel Microwave Heating Technique for the Determination of Total Metals in Water

ASTM E1741-00
Standard Practice for Preparation of Airborne Particulate Lead Samples Collected During Abatement and Construction Activities for Subsequent Analysis by Atomic Spectrometry


Microwave hardware                                   

The perfect tool to enhance the productivity of  your laboratory:

  • High microwave power provide a fast heating
  • Homogeneous microwave distribution throughout the cavity
  • Convenient, user-centric design
  • Fast air cooling of vessels for high throughput
  • All stainless-steel construction