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Aug 2014

aj-blomesystem LABbase

LABbase® is Laboratory Information Management
System, based on blomesystem®, which
has all the functionalities necessary for the
daily work in a professional laboratory. With
this software AJ-Blomesystem is presenting
a genuine Standard System. “Standard” means
in this context that the modular applications in
LABbase® are preconfigured and can be customized
to the special requirements of the
customer like a suit which should
fit to perfection.

A LIMS for everybody and everything
LABbase® can handle the entire workflow of a modern
laboratory. The modular design and the integrated
customization tools allow our licensed contractors
to address the requirements of our customers individually,
modify the analytic – if required – and adjust
the reporting to the ever chang ing requirements. Modular
extensions are available for laboratories which
work production or batch orientated.

Validation and QA
LABbase® is a completely qualified product. All 800
integrated objects were evaluated using risk analysis
and were tested to exhaustion. There for the effort for
validating the LIMS is greatly reduced for a laboratory
which decided on using LABbase®. The AJ-Blomesystem
works under a QM system for several years now
and is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified. Customer audits
confirm the outstanding quality guaranteed by this
Multi Language Support
The user interface and the master data can be easily
translated into any language, The applications are
currently available in English, French and German.