Products - ENMO®hydro

Aug 2014


ENMO®hydro - Read the River

ENMO®hydro represents the newest developments in dynamic, continuous and automated water quality monitoring and thus makes an important contribution to the early detection of disasters or accidents as well as to the evaluation of hazard potentials. With respect to the illustration of all workflows relevant for water monitoring as well as regarding the possibilities for data evaluation, export and illustration, ENMO®hydro exceeds what other competitors are able to achieve.

ENMO®hydro is a software system for the efficient control of automated water quality measuring networks. The new development brings dynamic and continuous water quality monitoring to another level: ENMO®hydro uses the knowledge gained during the last 20 years and offers new possibilities in an innovative software environment.

The functionality of the 100% web-based multi-tier-system comprises workflows for automatic sampling and quality assurance, the administration and control of equipment in the measuring stations, numerous options for data evaluation, illustration and export as well as a notification system. ENMO®hydro Furthermore complies with the requirements for a certification of the measuring network according to EN/ISO 17025.

Technical Data

  • 100 % web-based solution
  • topic QM (with nomination of relevant norms)
  • multi-tier-architecture
  • multilingual
  • modular and scalable
  • dynamically configurable module-based system
  • appointment management with reminder
  • OPC-technology for device communication (support of standard industry bus systems)
  • representation of device dependencies
  • administration of SOPs and documents
  • detailed statistical functions
  • detailed logging of device conditions
  • automatic multi-selections (provision of multiple reports with 1 click)
  • storable filters
  • Crystal Reports - support
  • modern, intuitive GUI
  • pre-configured user roles (technical personnel / maintenance, evaluation personnel)
  • connection to ITsees
  • partnerships: Microsoft, Oracle, SAP
  • drift correction
  • calibration
  • real-time queries of device data
  • alarm index
  • notification by e-mail and SMS in case of alarm situations
  • easy data compression
  • comprehensive graphical evaluation and comparison of different values (parameter, time, place, compression)
  • export of graphics in high quality
  • distinctive possibilities for modifications during graphic creation



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